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With our own RTB platform and vast experience in the field of Online Advertisement, we are enable to provide global access to huge range of Display, Video and Performance ads from hundreds of demand partners across all geos & verticals which helps to improve user experience and drive Higher ROI for on-board publishers. Xapads is looking for an experienced and street-smart Media Delivery - Global to join our team. The ideal candidate should have extensive experience in Client Operations & Servicing, Media Buying, Account Management, Publisher Onboarding and Publisher Management.


  1. Programmatic Selling & buying – Onboarding of SSPs and DSPs thorough understanding of their bidding platform.
  2. Well versed about CPM/CPC-Mobile & Web/Pop.
  3. Monitor media budget for campaign and issue periodic analyses for clients like Media negotiations.
  4. Develop new contacts, and expand existing relationships with Publishers / Affiliates.
  5. Manage overall revenue for the publishers – US, UK & Middle-east.
  6. Knowledge about RTB platform and its working.


  1. 2 years of Digital Media Buying worldwide (US, UK & Middle-east) experience.
  2. Already earned network to count on for further business.
  3. Excellent communication & polished presentation skills.


To apply for this position, send an email to our careers mailbox ( In the email make sure to include your resume and any additional information you would feel relevant for this role.
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